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Charles Aubry: Rose in Glass

Ilse Bing: Paris, Champs Elysees ‘Le Matin’ [Man in Bowler]

Harry Callahan: Camera Movement—Flashlight

Irving Penn: Street Cafe in Hyderabad, India

Willard Van Dyke: Virginia City Interior

Willard Van Dyke: Fence Post and Barbed Wire

Anne Brigman: Infinitude

Imogen Cunningham: Portrait of Martha Flosom Maple with Son Elliott Maple

Richard Misrach: Untitled [Night Clouds]

Wright Morris: Rocking Chair

Bill Brandt: Nude [Elbow]

Lewis Hine: Riding the Ball High Up on Empire State

Richard Misrach: Untitled [Cactus]

Richard Misrach: Untitled [Palm]

Marcia Resnick: Luger 38 Perfume

Imogen Cunningham: Hands of Robert Howard Carving, San Francisco

Ilse Bing: Still Life with Tulips and Glass

Minor White: Ax in Plowed Field

William E. Dassonville: Untitled [Yosemite Valley]

Frederick Evans: A Pillar of Chartres

Timothy O’Sullivan: Water Rhyolites, Near Logan Springs, Nevada

Karl Struss: The Cliffs, Sorento

William Bell: Grand Canon of the Colorado, Mouth of Kanab Wash, Looking West

Timothy O’Sullivan: Black Canon, Colorado River, from Camp 8. Looking Above.

William Garnett: Snow Geese with Reflection of the Sun over Buena Vista Lake, California

John Hillers: West Front of Zuni [Pueblo]

Don Hong-Oai: Fong Chi, Central Vietnam

Irving Penn: Two Seated Women [India]

Eugene Atget: Bagatelle Nymphea

Minor White: Driftwood and Eye

Paul Strand: The Garden, Orgeval

Maurice Tabard: Untitled Abstraction

Werner Mantz: Weg Maastricht-Berg-Falkenburg... [Small Pine Trees on the Racing Approach to Maastricht-Berg-Falkenburg Mountain]

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